Hektor 2000
Hektor 2000 offers you to make your dreams reality with the help of high-qualificated designers, projectants and constructors, who are able to give original decisions for your house, office, villa, shop, restaurant or hotel. The company produces, delivers and assembles wide selection of furniture from massive wood melamin plates, MDF, natural veneer and so on. We offer rich colourful range as of Bulgarian, so of leading European producers of planes of wood material - Kronospan, Shelman and Buchina. We make edging with extra 2mm ABS chamfers - Belgium production. For furniture coverages of oak, ash, beech, coniferous material we use market approved as quality varnishes of Masculak, Spain. The contemporary and modern equipment, together with the high-qualificated stuff guarantee high quality, short periods of realization, quick assembly, long-standing exploitation and guarantee of your furniture.

¤ Болгария

¤ Varna

¤ 3371. Производство домашней и кухонной мебели
¤ 3372. Производство офисной мебели